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Here, we know about the scheme “Aadhar Enabled Payment System” introduced in Post office / Bank Mitra / E-Mitra. It was play very important role in the lock down during Covid -19 pandemic. After that this system is being very famous in India. Let’s know the detail information of the AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System). The short form is “AEPS”.


Aadhar number is playing very important role in doing this transaction. National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) developed this scheme. You can take your bank money through any CBS post office / Bank Mitra / E-Mitra. The Aadhar is playing main role in this. Aadhar number, finger print / iris are required for this transaction.

Condition for AEPS

The conditions for doing AEPS transaction is as under.

  • You have to link your aadhar card with any bank account.
  • Mobile number is also required to link with the same account number.
  • Aadhar number is necessary while doing this transaction.
  • Your finger / iris will be taken during transaction which must be match with the Aadhar. In short you have to remain present while doing this transaction.
  • It is not OTP (One Time Password) based transaction. It is Aadhar based transaction. So, it is called Aadhar Enabled Payment System.
  • Aadhar and mobile are required along with the customer himself at the time of transaction.
  • Only cash withdrawal facility is available.
  • The E-Mitra / Bank Mitra / Post office has the device of finger / iris scanner with mobile / desktop for the transaction.
  • The customer must have the knowledge of bank name. While doing the transaction, the bank name is required to select.

Effects / benefits of AEPS transaction

Now a days we see that the customer has no time to take money from bank. They doing digital transaction for each and every time. They do not want to take pain for taking money from ATM also. We see the very much traffic in the bank. So, people has to face many problem for taking bank money. So, the new system of payment comes in the marked which is “AEPS”. The money withdrawal of bank is been very easy for village and city people both.Due to AEPS following effects / benefits comes.

  • Decrease the bank traffic.
  • People of can take money from any place of India.
  • People has not go to the bank. They can take money from nearest post office / E-Mitra / Bank Mitra.
  • You can take money up to the amount of Rs.10000/- (Ten thousand only) from your home through postman.
  • You have not required to keep hard cash with you during your journey.
  • Post office gives free AEPS service to the bank customer. Customer has not to pay anything for this.
  • Due to post office network, this service reaches to each and every place of India.

How to do the AEPS transaction in Post office software

India post has two software of banking. One is for Postal Services and second is for India Post Payment Bank (IPPB). We can do the AEPS transaction in the IPPB software. India Post Payment bank is the banking part of the Post office. It is the digital banking. In this, post office does not supply you any passbook. You have one mobile application and QR card for the banking. All digital transaction facilities available in the mobile application. Here we see the AEPS transaction process in the Post office.

Step by step process of AEPS transaction

In Post office, AEPS transaction is done through mobile and desktop. The procedure of desktop through IPPB software is as under.

First of all you have to login in your IPPB software. After login you can see the screen as under.

IPPB login page

IPPB Login page
IPPB Login Page

Now you can see the IPPB login page. In this you have to write the command “CAEPS” for AEPS transaction. You can see the red oval shape round in upper right side corner. In this place, you have to write this command. After writing this command, please enter on your keyboard or click on “Go” written besides the command space. After clicking on it, you can see the below screen.

Answer the question for IPPB customer or not
IPPB customer

Here you can see the question “Are you IPPB customer?”. If you want to pull money from IPPB account then click on “Yes” and if you want to take money from bank account then click on “No”.Now for AEPS transaction, we click on “No”. So, you can see the screen as under.

Importance of Mobile number in AEPS

Enter mobile number for AEPS transaction
Enter Mobile number

In this screen, you can see the column for entering mobile number. Please enter customer’s mobile number and press the “tab” button of the keyboard. You can see the name of the customer in “Customer name space. After checking the the name of the customer, please click on the button “generate OTP“. So, you have the next screen as below.

OTP verification screen
OTP verification screen

After clicking on “generate OTP” button, the customer will receive text message of OTP. Please press the “tab” button of the keyboard, then you have the screen as above. Please write the OTP in space of OTP asking to the customer and then press on “Validate OTP“. If customer has not receive the OTP, you have option “Resend OTP”. If OTP is right then you have message as above “OTP validated successfully. Please proceed further.” Now click on “OK” button shown in above image. So, you have the next screen as under.

Importance of Aadhar number in AEPS

AEPS choose the transaction detail
Fill up transaction information

You have the screen as above. Here you have do the process as under.

  • Please select “Cash withdrawal” in function option. Shown in image with red oval round shape.
  • Enter “Aadhar number” of customer in Aadhar number option. Shown in image with red oval round shape.
  • In “In number” option, you have select bank through searcher given aside of the blank space. Shown in image with red oval round shape.

After clicking on searcher, you have the screen as under.

Select Bank of customer for AEPS transaction
Bank selection of customer

Here, we have selected the state bank of India. You can see the code of the bank in red round oval shape. After selecting the bank, please click on “close” button. So, you have the screen as under.

Enter amount for AEPS
Enter Amount for AEPS

Here, you can see the Bank code number in “IN number” option. Then please enter the details as under. All required to enter detail shown here in red oval shape.

  • Please enter the transaction amount.
  • F.P. Device make option is to select the device. You have two types device. One of STARTEK and second of MANTRA. Please select which is you have.
  • You have to tick in the consent box. Please read the consent instruction.
  • Please click on “Capture Finger” Option. On clicking on this option, the space of device for putting the finger is blinking in red light. So, please put the customer’s finger. If the customer is genuine and Aadhar is updated then the transaction will be successful.

After above process you have the screen as under.

Finger print captured successfully message
Successful finger print screen

Now you can see the message “finger print captured successful”. in above image. Please click on “OK“. So, you have the screen as under.

Successful Aadhar Enabled Payment System transaction and summary

Aadhar validation status screen
Aadhar validation status

Here, you can see the Aadhar validation status and detail. Here status is “Success“. No you can click on “Go” option. So, you have the screen as below.

Transaction Reference Number of AEPS
Transaction Reference Number

See here, you can see the transaction reference number which is known as “Transaction id”. Please note down it. Here process of the AEPS transaction is complete. Please click on “View detail“, so you can see the transaction detail as under.

AEPS Transaction Summary
AEPS Transaction Summary

Here, you can see the full detail of the transaction. You can see here the detail of as under.

  • Transaction date
  • Transaction time
  • Agent name (Employee Name)
  • Agent id (Employee ID)
  • location of Agent (Employee Branch Name)
  • Terminal ID (Employee ID)
  • Customer Aadhar Number
  • Customer Name
  • STAN
  • RRN
  • Transaction Status
  • Transaction Amount
  • A/c Balance

This is the complete process of AEPS transaction.

Advise invited

This is the brief information of Aadhar Enable Payment System. Any query on this subject, please write to me i always ready to solve it.

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