Ayurveda Medicine | some drugs and its uses

Here we know about some Ayurveda medicine. We learn or know about the medicine’s uses to the human. In old era, the Ayurveda medicines are used to treat the disease of human and also animal. The Ayurveda is one of the best ancient treatment method of India. Now in Corona pandemic, the Ayurveda treatment become more famous in entire world.

Ayurveda Medicine
Natural Drugs

Treatments ways of Ayurveda

Basically Ayurveda work on three Doshas. They are “Vata”, “Pita” and “Kafa”. Any disease comes in the human body due to three Doshas. You have to do the opposite treatment to cure it. For example, in cold the “Kafa” Dosh increases in the human body. So, to cure it, we have to use the medicine which has opposite property of Kafa. The best medicine in cough is ginger. In the all disease the treatment of Ayurveda works. It also depend on the nature of the human. The human also three types of nature. They are “Vata”, “Pita” and “Kafa”. So, on doing the treatment, we have to keep in mind the nature of the patient.

For example, in cough if the patient’s nature is Kafa then the cough is more effective to him. So, we have to use the medicine in more dose or more time. If in cough, the patient’s nature is Vata then the cough is less effective to him. So, we have to use the medicine in the least dose or less time. In this way, in all treatment we have to keep in mind all things.

Here, i want to add that the treatment is also based on the nature of the area also. We can see that the nature is very different of the different areas. So, the dose and times of the medicine is different for different area.


So, here you are advised to take the any medicine / drug after prescription of the doctor. On the above, we can understand that we have to use all natural food items in our diet. We are not doing this. We eat more any of one items which is more like to us. But the overuse of any item will cause you. It effects negatively. So nature gives us different items to eat and we should use them in right way.

Some drugs and its uses

DiseaseTreatment (drugs) of Ayurveda (Natural Medicines)
Heart diseaseArjuna tree
(Lymphatic filariasis)
Devdar Tree
Laryngitis Pushkarmool
Swelling, Inflammation Piludi
Breathe diseaseBharangmool
Colic (Twinge)Hing
Air diseaseRasna
Vala (Hing
Vatjvar (Wet fever)Ginger
VadhravalCastor oil
DiarrheaKadachhal (Bark of Kadu)
Hemorrhage Indrajav
Slow GrowthAsan (Terminalia Elliptica)
Urinary Bladder DiseaseSatodi (Punarnava) (Boerhavia Diffusa)
Headbutt (MUdhmar)Turmeric
Mouth diseaseKhair
IllusionDhamaso (Dhaman)
Pediatric diseaseAtivish Kali
Lateral ColicPushkarmool
Bile feverKhadsalio
Eye DiseaseTriphala
ImpotenceKaunch Beej
SnoringPomegranate Flower
Tooth DiseaseSesame Oil
ThirstSugar Cane
Skin DiseaseNeem
Ear DiseaseMustard Oil
Chest InjuryLakh
Kidney FailureGokahru
Menstruation DisorderKunvar
Bone FractureLakh
AnorexiaBijoru (Citrus Medica)
InsomniaPeperimul (Papyrus root)


Here, we know about some disease and its treatment. The all treatment mentioned here is based on natural plants. it is called natural medicine. We can get this plants from our environment. Some of the plants are easily available. Some are not easily available. The availability is also based on the place. Some plants are easily available in India and some are easily available in different countries. So, we all have to depend on each other. We should share our natural properties to each other.

Each of the place (country) is very important by their natural resources. They cannot use them them self. So, they have to export their natural resources to needy countries. They also have to import natural resources which they need.

Each of the plant of the earth is very important. we have to know the usefulness of the plants. The God has already given all the things to us. we only have to know them. We are very poor to know about the nature. We should save our nature and use the nature to treat our disease. It works very effectively without any side effects.

Here, i also want to add if a person takes each and every seasonable items (fruits and vegetables) in sufficient quantity, then he doesn’t need to take any medicine. He will be very healthy and without any disease.

In this way, now a days we see the pandemic of “Corona“. It is not a very dangerous. But we all made it very dangerous. We all are in fear of it. So, we have to remove our fear from our inside. We should not listen the fake news and also about the corona news. Then our mind will be alright.

Thanks for reading. If any suggestion and advice, please comment.

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