CSI utility tool is the bridge between Finacle / Maccamish and SAP. Department of Post start the online services through the software of SAP and Finacle. Finacle is for the banking service and SAP for accounting and administrative services. Maccamish for insurance software. The automatic accounting is started between Finacle and SAP but till Maccamish figures are still not auto updated in the SAP. Here CSI utility tool is playing most important role.

Requirement of CSI utility tool

When online software of SAP started, it is required to link / upload the figures of the Finacle and Maccamish in SAP for Daily account. Hence, system of the posting of their figure is available but it is very lengthy and difficult. Hence, CSI utility tool was prepared for direct uploading of the figure of Maccamish and Finacle.

Posting procedure in CSI utility tool

ICON of CSI Utility tool

One tool is available for this procedure. Here you can see the Icon of CSI utility tool as below screen.

CSI utility tool icon

Now you have to double click on this icon. Hence you have the next screen as under.

Utility tool updation message
Utility tool updation message

In this screen, you have the message for updation of the CSI utility tool. If you want to update the same, then click on “yes” button and if you do not want to update, then click on “no”. Here, we do not want to update the software. Hence, we should click on “no” button. After clicking on it, you have the next screen as under.

Term and condition of the tool
Tern and condition acceptance message

There are so many types of utility tools available. Here Department Of Post has not given green flag for the utility tool. But employee can use it at his own risk. Srikanta S. developed this tool. He is the in charge of SBCO. You should read all the condition and then click on “Accept” button. If you do not want to accept the term and condition, the click on “Exit” button. Here we click on “Accept” button and we have the screen as under.

CSI Data Entry

CSI Data Entry screen
CSI data entry screen

Now the screen is before you as above. Here you have the options as under.

  • CSI Data Entry
  • B.O. PR Entry System
  • T Codes
  • Feedback
  • Exit

Here for updation of the figure, we have to go for the first option. Please click on “CSI Data Entry”. The next screen will as under.

CSI utility data entry screen
Utility Data entry screen

Various column for filling entry

Here we have to fill the all columns. They are as under

  • Transaction date :- First we have to enter transaction date for which we want to post the entry.
  • Office Name :- We can add any office name through setting option. Here we can select the office for which we want to enter the data.
  • Category :- Here we can see the list of the categories like SB, RD, TD, MIS, KVP, NSC, PLI, RPLI etc. Now we have to select the category for which we want to enter the data. After clicking on the category we have the message (shown in below image) in which we have to select the POS cash or DOP cash. Here we select the option for which we have to post the entry.
POS cash and DOP cash
POS cash and DOP cash
  • Head Type:- This is for the selection of entry for which “receipt” or “Payment”.
  • Head Name:– Here we can see the category wise different options. Each category and head type has different head name. We have to select particular head name for which we want to enter the data. Here for PLI receipt, we have selected head name “PLI EA renewal premium”. Here each head name has particular GL code. Hence, The entry will posted in particular GL code. Here we can change and add head name & also GL codes through setting option.
  • Amount :- At last we have to enter the amount of the particular posting.

Screen of the all Data

You can see the below image in which above all entries shown.

all entries in CSI utility tool
All Entries in CSI utility tool

You can add above entry using “Add” button shown in above screen. After clicking on “add” button, the entry will display in excel format screen shown below the “add” button. This is as under.

All entry in CSI tool
All entry in CSI tool

Here we can see the all entry as above. Here dark shown part is the profit center and office name. In this place you can see your office name and office profit center. Also you can tally your receipt and payment side total which is shown just below the above entries. You can see the summary of the all entry by clicking on “Summary” button and You can also print this entries by clicking on “View / Print / Save Report” button. You can also click on “exit” button for going out side of this tool. After checking all entries. You have to click on “export to text file” option. Then you have the message as under.

SAVE Utility file

Message for exporting the file in CSI utility tool
Exporting file message in CSI UTILITY TOOL

Now you have to click on “OK” button for exporting all entries. Then you have the next screen as under.

Rechecking message in utility tool
Rechecking message

This is the message for your alertness. You have to check all entries here and then click on “yes” if all entries are found correct. Then next screen will as under.

File saving option in utility tool
File saving option

Now you can save this file in any folder in your computer. After choosing the place, you have to click on “save” button. After that you have the screen as under.

Print / Save message in tool
Print / save message in tool

At last you have the message for printing / saving the report. You have to click on “No” button because your file already exported and saved in your choice place.

The process of making file through CSI utility tool is complete here. After that you can upload this file in SAP by using T code “ZBF07“.

Advise invited

This is the brief information of CSI Utility Tool. Any query on this subject, please write to me i always ready to solve it.

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