Google and its main screen detail information

Lets here we know about the Google and its main screen detail information. In this time, even a child know the name of Google. It is very famous word all over the world. We start the internet process from the google.


The full form of the google is “Global Organisation of Oriented Group Language of Earth“. The google has not a full form. It is generated by “Googol”. The meaning of Googol is huge number. It represents a number that is 1 followed by hundred zeros.

Google is a multinational technology company. It is in United States. It specialized in internet related services and products. Google also includes online advertising technology, a search engine, cloud computing, software and hardware.

Google main screen

Here we know about the main page of google and its detail information. Here below we see the main screen of the google.

Google Home page


In this, in the middle we can see the “Google”. We see it in many various types in daily routine. Daily it seems in different ways and different colors. The management of the google company represent the google in different ways daily.

Google search engine

Exactly below side the google, we can see the rectangle shape. we call it “search engine”. We can search anything in this rectangle. We can write only keyword and the search engine shows you the related topic of the written word. If you cant write then one option is for you. You can see the symbol of the speaker in the right corner of the rectangle. Please click on it and you speak anything you want. The google recognize it and shows you the related topic of the spoken word. So, you have not to worry about any topic around the world. You can get detail information of any topic from your home in one click.

There is also facility of the language. You can choose any language available in google and write in that language. You will get the result in the same language also.


In the google home page (shown in above image), you can see the the “gmail” word in the upper right side corner. You can login in your gmail account directly through this icon. In one click you can login in your gmail account. For this, you have to login one time in your account and after that not to logout. You can directly close gmail account by clicking on close button.


You can see the “image” word / icon in the upper right side of the google home page/ main screen. It is the second icon / word of the upper right side corner. It is next to gmail. By clicking on this button, you can see the screen as under.

Image screen of google

Here you can see the three symbol in right side corner of the google search engine. First symbol is “camera“. You can see as under by clicking on this icon.

Camera icon image

Here you can see the two option. You can paste the “URL” of the any image in the first option “paste image URL“. And the second option is “upload an image“. Through the second option, you can upload any image from your desktop or any other source. After that you can get detail information of that image.

Google apps

The third symbol of of the upper right side corner of the google home page / google main screen is google applications.

Application of google itself
Google Applications

Here you can see the many application of google. The following applications are available in this and you can use this easily by clicking on it. Each and every has special icon. You can directly use it by adding the name “google” before it. You can search it in google engine by writing “Google search

  • Account
  • search
  • Maps
  • You tube
  • Play
  • News
  • Gmail
  • Meet
  • Contacts
  • Drive
  • Calendar
  • Translate
  • Photo
  • Duo
  • Shopping
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Books
  • Blogger
  • Hangouts
  • Keep
  • Jam board
  • Classroom
  • Earth
  • Collection
  • Arts and Culture

Google Account

The last icon in the right upper side corner is “Google Account”. You can see this in the below image.

Google account
Google Account

When you create your gmail account. The google itself creates your google account. The gmail account is your google account. It can be used in many google application for login purpose. It is very useful.


This is the minor information of the google. I can not describe the whole google. But the little and useful information is shared here which may helpful to you. We use some items daily but we don’t know the some easy features of it. So, here I tried to give you some details of the google main screen. Any query on this subject please write to me i always ready to solve it.


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