How To Use Arogya Setu App

How To Use Arogya Setu App
How To Use Arogya Setu App

Arogya Setu application is for awareness of Covid-19. Arogya means Health and Setu means bridge. Ministry of Electronic and IT of India developed “Arogya Setu mobile application”. It is the bridge (Setu) for all people health (health). It helps the citizens to identify their risk of contracting Covid-19. India developed Arogya Setu application for Indian people to aware of Covid-19.

Arogya Setu application is available on “Google Play Store” (for android mobile) and “Apple Application Store” (for IOS mobile). It is available in 12 world and 10 Indian languages. This application can be downloaded from this link

To get the benefit of this application, it is necessary to download this application. This application shows you status like “low risk”, “Safe”, “High Risk” through which we can get information about our area.

Method of Arogya Setu application working and usefulness

  • Arogya Setu application gives us information that he has crossed from the area / path where any one has tested positive.
  • It is necessary to switch on Bluetooth and location options in mobile. These both options making the graph of you interacting with anyone.
  • The self assessment test is also available and we have to give some answer of the question which gives our result about Covid-19 risk. This information automatically shared to the Government and necessary steps are taken to prevent you from Covid – 19.
  • This gives you alert about the Covid-19 cases available in your area. It is gives information of area of 500 meter, 1 km, 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. It gives us information as under.
    • Number of users using “Arogya Setu App”.
    • Number of users
      1. taking self assessment test in last 24 hours.
      2. Self assessed as “unwell”.
      3. Found Covid-19 positive.
      4. Self assessed as “at risk”.
  • The information about how to maintain social distancing is also available. These are as under.
    • Greet with Namaste instead of handshake.
    • Avoid social gathering.
    • Keep a 6 feet distance from people.
  • Option of donation via PM cares website and via UPI is available.
  • It also gives information of Covid updates of India and also state wise.
  • E-pass information is also available here.

Step by step procedure of installing Arogya Setu application

This is mobile App. You can download from Play store menu in android mobile and apple app store for IOS mobile. For android mobile please go to the play store and write Arogya Setu. You can see application as under and then click on “install”.

In play store install Arogya Setu application
Click on install

This is 2.8 MB size application. After installing you can see as under and click on “open” option.

Arogya Setu application open
Click on Open

Then you can see the list of various languages. Out of them select any one. After that please click on “Next” button given on bottom side.

List of languages of Arogya Setu App
Select language

After that you can see four instructions one by one clicking on next button. After fourth instruction please click on ” Register Now” button. Images of the same are as under.

Instruction for registration of Arogya Setu App
Instruction for registration of Arogya Setu App
Instruction for registration of Arogya Setu App
Instruction for registration of Arogya Setu App
Click on Register Now

Here you can see the application permission term of service and privacy of Device location, Bluetooth and Data Sharing. For registration, you have to click on “I Agree” button.

Terms of service and Privacy of Arogya Setu App
Click on “I Agree”

After clicking on “I Agree”, you can see the messages shown in images as under. Here you have to click on “Allow” or “OK” button. The all messages give you conditions for installing the application. You have to fulfill these all conditions.

Registration condition of Arogya Setu App
Registration condition of Arogya Setu App
Registration condition of Arogya Setu App
Registration condition of Arogya Setu App
Registration condition of Arogya Setu App
Click on “Allow” or “OK”

Then you have the screen as under. Here you have to enter your mobile number for registration and then Click on “Submit” button.

Click on Submit

Personnel information Part

After that, you have the screen as under and here you have to fill up your personnel data. Then click on “Submit” button.

Personnel information is required for Arogya Setu App
Personnel information is required for Arogya Setu App
Click on Submit

Then You have the screen for your “Self Assessment”. Here you have to give the answer of some questions. Then this application gives you result of your risk of Covid-19.

Here registration is complete.

Application information and its use

This application contains total four screen as under.

  1. Your status (Main screen)
  2. Media
  3. Covid Updates
  4. E-pass

Main Screen

Main screen of the App is as under. Here you can see “Arogya Setu” written on the top left side. On top right side you can see three small icons as under.

Main screen "Your status" of Arogya Setu App
Main screen
Upper part

Red triangle – You can see the message “your data is always saved on your phone. Share it to secure government server if your sample taken for test or you are found Covid-19 positive.

Share icon – Share your status to anyone.

Language Icon – Change the language of the application.

Middle Part

Below side the written “Arogya Setu”, four icons of the screen is shown i.e. your status, media, Covid updates and E-pass. Just below side of this part in green area your status is shown. Here shown “You are safe”.

Just below the green part, some photos available and written “things to do next”. Here below points information given.

  1. Maintain social distancing
  2. Take self assessment
  3. Check app regularly for updates
  4. Learn more about Covid-19
  5. Safety measures against Covid-19

Below of this part, you can see written percentage of Bluetooth and GPS active time.

After that, below of this you can see written “in your area within radius of” and area distance given i.e. 500 m, 1 km, 2 km, 5 km, 10 km. Here area wise information given on following points.

  • Active Arogya Setu users
  • Have taken a self assessment test
  • Self assessed as Unwell
  • Identified as “At-Risk” via Bluetooth proximity
  • Diagnosed as Covid-19 positive

Below this part, you cans see written “Trending now”. Here some advertisement give i.e. video and others. After that, useful resources given i.e. Arogya Setu Mitr, everything information of this App.

Lower Part
PM cares donation
Lower Part of Main Screen

After that, donation link through PM cares website and UPI given. Just after that privacy FAQs and last term of use given.

At bottom call helpline and assess again options given.

Media Screen

Media Screen

In this screen, you can see the media related to Covid-19 and this application.

Covid Updates Screen

Summary of positive cases updates
Graph of information
State wise information
Detail information

In this part, Covid-19 information of India with graph and state wise detail information given. you can be update with this part.

e-pass screen

e-pass detail information
e-pass detail info

Here you can get the detail information of Covid-19 e-pass. FAQs are also given for your questions solution.

Conclusion ❤️️

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