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Here we know how to use whats-app. In this world the famous mobile application is WhatsApp. No one is remain who not know about the WhatsApp. Uses of this application is very important, so it becomes very famous. Now we see the detail information of it.


It is a social media through which person can send text messages and voice messages to the others. It is owned by Facebook. You can share images, documents, your location and other media. We can use it in mobile and desktop both.

Function and features of WhatsApp

Even a child of 4 to 5 years can drive the application of WhatsApp. However there is some silent features available than we don’t know. Hence, he i have tried to give some detail information of WhatsApp as under.

We can download WhatsApp application from Google Play Store. You have to write only “WhatsApp” in search option of google play store. Then you have the icon of the WhatsApp. Please click on it. Then you have the option of “Install”. Please click on “Install” option. After that you WhatsApp application will download. It may take some time. After all it will download successfully. Hence, you have the ICON of WhatsApp on your mobile screen. The image of it, is as under.

WhatsApp Icon

WhatsApp Mobile Icon
WhatsApp Icon In Mobile

Here you can see the WhatsApp icon in red circle. For open this application you have to double click / double touch (in touch pad) on this icon. So, you have the application as under.

Chat Menu and main screen

Chat menu of WhatsApp
WhatsApp Chat Menu


After opening the WhatsApp application, you have the screen as above. The “Chat” menu of this application is automatically is on the screen. Here you can see the all chat you have done before with all person name (added number) and mobile number (not added number).

You can chat to any of the person available in your chat & saved number in contact list. It must have to save the contact number for chatting to the person. Here chatting means you can sent text message, photos, videos, audio etc. to the other person.

For chatting, you have click on any of the number from the chat list. For example image is as under.

Detail of Images

In chat, here you can see three different images. The detail of the three images are as under.

  • In first image, you can see chat screen with a person. Here you can see the chats done before. You can see all chats done before if not deleted.
  • If you click on bottom white blank space written “Type a message“, you have the screen as shown in second image. Here you can write any text messages to the person. Here you have also options to add imogi, GIF, audio. The setting option is also available. So, you can change the key board setting from this option.
  • Third image is for other items adding option. If you touch on the option shown in red round in third image. You have the screen as 3rd screen. Through this you can attache the following items.
    • Document
    • Camera Image
    • Gallery image
    • Audio
    • Your Location
    • Contact of anyone from contact list
  • Just besides the attachment option, the camera symbol is available through this you can upload image / photo directly taken from camera.
  • Very next to the camera symbol, you can see the Audio / Speaking option though this you can speak and send the same directly to the person.

Chat other options

The right upper side of the chat screen (1st image of above), you can see the three dots sign. On clicking on it, you have the options as under.

  • View contact :- You can see the contact number of the person with whom you are chatting.
  • Media, links and docs :- In this, you can see the all media, link and documents available in the chat with the person.
  • Search :- You can search chat, media, link or document from the chat.
  • Mute notification :- when message comes from this person, you have notification on the mobile screen about message. If you use this option, then notification will mute.
  • Wallpaper :- In the background of the chat, you can see the image of anyone. You can set any image of the background from this option.

The above are most usable options in this. Some other options are also available in this as under.

  • Report :- You can block contact and delete chats.
  • Block :- Contact will be blocked. You can not call and send messaged to this person.
  • Clear chat :- You can clear / delete all chat.
  • Export chat:- You can export /send all chats to other person via WhatsApp, Facebook messages, Save to Drive, Email, text message, Bluetooth, LinkedIn, One Drive, Samsung Cloud Drive, Skype, Wi-Fi Direct, Xender.
  • Add shortcut :- You can add to your mobile home screen through this option.

The just right side of the name of the person, you can see the video and call button. Through this you can directly call this person both video and audio.


The very famous and popular option of the WhatsApp is “Status”. The people are very crazy about this option. The screen of this menu is as under.

Status menu of WhatsApp
Status Menu of WhatsApp

In this menu, you can see your status and other your contacts status. You can also comment to any of the status and get enjoy from it. In this screen lower right side corner you can see two symbols as under.

  • Camera symbol :- You can click on it and choose any of the photo from gallery or take photo and upload on on your status.
  • Pen symbol :-You can write as you want in this and update in your status. The photo of the same is as under.
  • Status view:- Please click on “My Status“. You can see your updated status. You can also see how many person seen your status. The same is in the image as under.
View of the satus
My Status view
Type your status
Type of Status

Other Options

Other option of WhatsApp
Other options

You can see the three dots in the right upper side of the main screen of the WhatsApp. Please click on it and you got the options as under.

New Group

By clicking on this you can create new group of your selected contacts. Now this group system is very useful in business and offices. You can also create your family member group, friend group etc.

New Broadcast

It is the system through which you can send your message to any number of contact person. This is called broadcast. Generally in WhatsApp, you can forward or send messages up to five contacts only. This limit is remove here. It is very useful to send one messages to more people.

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web
QR code scan screen

It is the option through which you can open your WhatsApp menu in your computer / Laptop. For this you have open WhatsApp web in your computer. After that you can see the screen of “QR” code in your computer. During this you have to use your mobile option “WhatsApp Web”.So you have the screen as above. Please scan QR code of computer through it. So, your WhatsApp will connect in your computer. You can do all things in computer which is doing in mobile.

Starred Messages

It is use to quickly access the bookmark messages. If we stare it, then it will save in starred messaged. So, we can use it from this menu.


It is the main option of the WhatsApp. There are other sub options available in this. These are as under and image of it is also as under.

WhatsApp Setting
WhatsApp Setting
1. Accounts
WhatsApp Account Setting
WhatsApp Account Setting

There are various options available in the account option. The are as under.

  • Privacy :- In this option you have various setting options as under in which you can do your personnel setting.
    • Who can see my personnel information
    • Last seen – it mean when you see your WhatsApp, other person can see with time.
    • Profile photo – you can set your profile photo.
    • About – Who can see about you – every one, contacts, no body
    • Status – Who can see your status – My contacts, My contacts except, Only share with
    • Read receipt – If you turn on this option, then you have receipt of two blue right sign which mean that the person whom you send message has read your message.
    • Group – Who can add me to group – My contacts, Every one, My contacts except
    • Live location – you can share your live location in chat.
    • Blocked contact – The list of the contacts whom you have blocked.
    • Fingerprint lock – When you turn on this option, you have to use your finger print to open WhatsApp.
  • Security :– Your messages and calls are secured with end to end encryption.
  • Two Step Verification :- For security purpose, you have to enable two step verification which will require a PIN when registering your phone number with WhatsApp again.
  • Change Number :- You can change your phone number with existing account info, group and setting.
  • Request Account Info :- You can create a report of your WhatsApp account information and setting. Your report will ready within 3 days. You will have few weeks to download your report after its available.
  • Delete my Account :- You can delete your account after confirmation of your country code and your phone number.
2. Chats
Chat of WhatsApp
Chats Setting

The following options are available in Chats setting.

  • Display – Here you can see the two sub options as under.
    • Theme – You have two option for theme light / dark.
    • Wallpaper- You can set your chat screen wallpaper from your own media.
  • Chat settings – The following options are available in this setting.
    • Enter is send – Through this enter key will send your message.
    • Media visibility – If you turn on this option, then newly downloaded media will see in your phone gallery.
    • Font Size – You can change the size of chatting font through this option. You have the options are as under.
      • Small
      • Large
      • Medium
    • App Language – You can select any language from given 11 (eleven) languages for chatting purpose.
  • Chat Backup – Here you can see the main two options as under.
    • Last Backup – Here automatically back up done in your internal phone setting and google drive. You can see the time, date and size of the last back up.
    • Google Drive Settings – You have following four options as under.
      • Back up to Google Drive– The auto back up time setting as under.
        • Never
        • Only when i tap “Back up”
        • Daily
        • Weekly
        • Monthly
      • Google Account – You have to add your google account for backup.
      • Back up over – For back up here is two options.
        • Wi- Fi
        • Wi-Fi or Cellular
      • Include Videos – You can add videos up to 741 MB in back up.
  • Chat History – You have following four options are as under.
    • Export chat – You can export your chat to another person through WhatsApp.
    • Archive all chat – To compress you all chats.
    • Clear All chats – Chat will clear from chat history.
    • Delete all chats – You can delete your chat.
3. Notification

Here you have sound of tone for incoming and outgoing messages in WhatsApp. There are three main options in this setting.

  • Messages – The following options are available in this.
    • Notification tone – When message comes, you have notification with selected tone. You can select any tone from give for message notification.
    • Vibrate – For message notification, you have vibrate options as under.
      • Off
      • Default
      • short
      • Long
    • Popup notification – This has following options as under.
      • No popup
      • Only when screen “On”
      • Only When screen “Off”
      • Always Shaw Popup
    • Light – You have following light options.
      • None
      • White
      • Red
      • Yellow
      • Green
      • Cyan
      • Blue
      • Purple
    • Use high priority notifications – when you turn on, it shows preview of notification at the top of the screen.
  • Groups – This has options as messages.
  • Calls – Call option is very important. You have two options as under.
    • Ringtone – You can select any ringtone from your media fro WhatsApp call.
    • Vibrate – You have following option for this.
      • Off
      • Default
      • Short
      • Long
4. Data and Storage Usage
Data and storage usage in WhatsApp
Data and Storage Usage setting

Three main options available under this setting menu.

  • Usage – How much data used in WhatsApp menu.
    • Network usage – How much data in receive and sent media / chats.
    • Storage usage – Shows data used in storage.
  • Media Auto-download – Voice message and other media auto download for best communication experience. Here are three options.
    • Using mobile data
    • When connected on Wi-Fi
    • When roaming
  • Call setting – It will reduce the data use in call, when it turns on.
5. Help
Help menu in WhatsApp
Help in Setting

You can use this option when you need help regarding WhatsApp. There are four options available under this menu.

  • FAQs – You can see frequently asked questions in this option. They will helpful to you in any problem regarding WhatsApp.
  • Contact Us – By contacting the WhatsApp administration, you cant get help.
  • Terms and Privacy policy – Here is given term and privacy policy of the WhatsApp application. You should read this before using.
  • App info – The application and its license information given here.
6. Invite a Friend
Invite a friend on WhatsApp
Invite a friend on WhatsApp

You can invite to any your friend on WhatsApp by this option. You can invite your friend through following options as under.

  • Messages
  • Facebook
  • G-mail
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Samsung Notes
  • Link Sharing
  • Email
  • Samsung Cloud Drive
  • Flip board
  • Xender
  • One Drive
  • Shop with Samsung Mall
  • Skype
  • Snap chat
  • Zoom buddies
  • Feed

Here is the detail information of the WhatsApp application is complete. The same owner other social media is Facebook. It is also very famous.

WhatsApp Status Downloader

Status is the most popular part of the WhatsApp. It is now very famous. But you can’t get status which you want. But now you have one option to download your choice status which is available in your contact list.

One application named “Status Downloaded” is available in Play store. You can download your choice status which is available in your contact status.


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