Lesson from Covid-19 (Corona Virus Pandemic)

Lesson from Covid-19
Lesson from Covid-19

Lets we know about lesson from Covid-19 (Corona Virus pandemic).

World may be get lesson from Covid-19. In this pandemic, whole world is in difficult situation. People loss their brother, sister, father, mother and relatives. All the countries of the world get economically damage. The biggest power of the world, America is in danger condition. Some developed countries i.e. Italy, Span, France are damaged more. The large number of infected people available in those countries.

The most death due to Covid-19 is in developed countries. These countries are well-developed. They have sufficient facility of medical, hospital, doctors, financial. However they got most damage in this pandemic.

All countries of the world tried most to protect their people. They do their best. But some can do good and some has to put their knees down. The reason for that is not-known. India is the country who do best in this pandemic. Some other countries also do better than India. But people of India has strength to bear any bed situation.

Covid-19 pandemic
Covid-19 pandemic

Sitiuation before and in pandemic

Before the pandemic, the situation is as under.

  • World was running very fast.
  • The country has no time. It means each Prime Minister of the country has tight schedule. Here tight mean, he has second to second schedule.
  • In the same way, chief Minister has same schedule.
  • District Collector cannot be seen free.
  • The main officer of the Taluka is always in busy schedule.
  • In small village, the Sarpanch / Talati has no time to talk also.
  • The business man like Ratan Tata is also in busy schedule who earns in crores in a day.
  • In the same way, a small village labor is also busy who earns approx Rs.400/- in a day.
  • There is more noise, air and water pollution. Its like the earth cannot breathe.

Here we can see that all people are busy. No one has time for a second. He cannot sit with his loving one even for a second. Each people who is in any field has no time. The world is seems to be running. The streets, roads, highways, railway tracks, air ways, water ways all are seems in traffic. The man who is driving cannot stop for a while. He take up his phone while driving and lost his life. The man seems in hurry for his small work which is not so much important. It means, all people of the world has work but all are running after that without stop for a second.

In the pandemic, situation is as under.

  • World is stop without any work.
  • The country has full time. The Prime Minister of each country has full time and they conduct without any fast schedule. They work from their home and do all necessary work.
  • In the same way, Chief Minister do their work from home.
  • The workload of the District Collector is increase but the same is done from office or home. The he has no tight schedule.
  • The work of Taluka officer and Sarpanch is also increase. But they have enough time to spare with family and they do their work also with satisfaction.
  • The business man is free but his business is not stop. His earning is continue.
  • The small village labor is now free and he is in danger condition. But he has enough time to spare with his family.
  • There is no any pollution on the earth. The earth has ozone layer again. It can breathe well.

Here we can see that all people are free. All have enough time. All can sit with his loving one for a long time. There is no time limit. Suddenly the world is stop. The streets, roads, highways, railway tracks, air ways, water ways all are free from traffic. There is no any accident case due to mobile. The man is seems free from all work but still his life is running as usual.

Lesson from Pandemic (Covid-19)

Some things we have to learn from this pandemic.

We see the both situation before pandemic and in pandemic. The both conditions are different. People can live without any of the modern facility. He needs only basic facility to live like home, food, water only. But the people are running after money as a crazy. It is not a basic facility of human being. But he sees that one has got this item why he has not. So he is running after it and be sad. It is not life.

This pandemic teaches us how to live. The God gives us this beautiful world to live. But we have no capacity to bear it. We damage the environment of the earth. We want to get more and more. But we have no satisfaction. Due to this, we have to face natural calamities or pandemic which Shaw us how to live.

Small Story for a life

Here is one small story of life of one man.


One man lived in big city with his family. He was great businessman and saw all time busy. Man could not give enough time to his wife, daughter, son and his parents and had lots of money. He had all facility. He gave all facilities to his family. But one thing he could not give his family that is him self.

His business

He was so busy that he had no time to talk with his family member. He stayed outside the city for fifteen or more days. Hardly one day he stayed at home in a month. It was running continuously in his life. Once upon a time, he felt some sickness. So didn’t care it. After two or three days, he felt more sickness. He took some medicine from the medical and didn’t give attention on his body. Man busy with his work.

His sickness

Man felt more sickness in his body after a week. So he visited a doctor. As per doctor advice, he had to admit him self in hospital. But he denied to admit. He took some medicine and injection and went back to his work. After a week, he felt very bad and he had to admit in hospital. He had no chance to go at work. After some reports, doctor told him that he could not live more. He has only two or three days to live because of his severe disease. Now he left all thoughts of work and business from his mind. He was very shocking that he would no more.

Now first time, he had a thought in his mind about his family. Because “when whole world left you, you have only one path of home (family).”. He thought about his wife, daughter, wife, parents. He gave all facilities to them. But could not give him self to them. He also could not get love of them. At last he had only one desire to meet his family and stay with them rest of his time. Then after three days, he was died.


All the things earned by him was lying on the earth. Nothing was come with him after death. So we have to learn from this story that nothing is important before your family. You have to stay with your family and give as much as time to them.

This pandemic also teaches us as above. When there is no Covid-19, all are busy with their work and stay away from his family. But when this pandemic starts, all are running to his family. This is the right path.

The way of the help to each other in pandemic and without pandemic

In this pandemic, we can see that all people are ready to help each other. we saw that many helps came to the country and also to the people in any way. All the people are ready to help. But the help is in right manner or not. As per my view the help must be as under.

Help must be started from the in two ways for two types of relationship. If we follow on this way, there is no need to help the government and no need to allot the budget for that.

  1. Social relationship
    • This help starts from our home. First it is our duty to help our blood relation. We should help our brother, sister, mother, father etc. If we have money or some facility, we should help our blood relation in any way.
    • After that we should help to our cousins.
    • Then we should help to our near relatives.
    • After that we should help to our caste society. In this way, our whole caste society is recovered.
    • If whole caste of the world help to their caste society. No one will be poor.
    • Country has no need to allot the budget for help to the people. Because each caste has capable enough people to help them.
  2. Society relationship
    • This help starts from our neighbor. We should help to our neighbor and take care of him.
    • After that we should help to our living street / society.
    • Then we have come forward to help our village / city.
    • This help is going at Taluka, District, State and country level.
    • Each city has enough capable people to help them. If they do like this, there is no need for allotment of help budget.

Know more about the budget disturbance due to this pandemic. Please click on Covid-19.

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