Nanyatha, a letterbox clearing application

Nanyatha, a letterbox clearing application
Nanyatha, a letterbox clearing application
  • Nanyatha software is developed with an objective to monitor the Letter Boxes clearance by Postal Administration and to provide the clearance information to the public.
  • As a part of the digitization program, India’s post has introduced a new mobile application for monitoring the clearance and dispatch of letters posted at a particular letterbox.
  • The application based on the monitoring system. It contains data pertaining to the location of the letterbox, date and time of clearance, the number of letters picked up and the postal staff number.

Method of its working and usefulness

  • Android app (Nanyatha) loaded in the smartphone to scan the Unique Letter box number (12 digit number) stuck the inner side of the letterbox door.
  • Date, time, location, number, person details uploaded to the website
  • Public member visit site and enter the location of LB to find details.
  • Departmental officials can monitor the clearance of Letter Boxes under their jurisdiction by logging in with the given user id/password.

Step -1:-  Updation of GPS detail (Using Nanyatha GPS application)

This is a one-time activity for each and every letterbox. Make sure that you are updating the Latitude and Longitude of the letterbox at the physical location of Letterbox for updating the data to the server accurately.

Endorse one official like PRI(P) with Letter Box peon to collect all GPS Coordinates of all the Letter Boxes just to authenticate the master data.

Open the app “NanyathaGPS”

On the First page of the Screen, Please enter/scan the barcode of the particular letterbox and enter the “Get Location” button. It will show the latitude and longitude of the current location.

Once it shows the latitude and longitude, Press next and upload the details and you will get a success message.

Procedure in arrow method

It is necessary to have an android mobile. In this Nanyatha_GPS application and barcode scanner application.            

Open Nanyatha_GPS application

Nanyatha GPS

You can see enter barcode option (barcode stuck inside the letterbox must be entered)

Enter Barcode

After entering barcode enter get location button (GPS location required to be ON)

Get location

You can see the location of the letterbox (longitude and latitude) after that enter the next button. You can see the summary of the location then enter the upload button shown below side.


You can see the right sign (√) in the green round. That’s ok. You have already done. Your GPS data (location) has been uploaded.

Here the work of the Nanyatha_GPS application is completed. This is a one-time procedure in new mobile. After that, you have only use the Nanyatha application.

Step- 2:-   Updation of Daily Letter Box clearance (using Nanyatha application)

For updating the daily ordinary letters data,

Open the app “Nanyatha”

  1. Scan / Enter Barcode
  2. Enter Get Location, Enter Employee ID, No of letters and click next
  3. Click “Upload” to upload the data into the server
  4. Nanyatha Check app is used to check whether the data is updated or not for a particular Letter Box. (Optional)

Procedure in arrow method

This is daily work done by MTS (work allotted employee)

Open Nanyatha application

Nanyatha Application

You can see two menus

1. Scan barcode: – You can enter the barcode of the letterbox by scanning through the barcode scanner application which is automatically scanned when you enter on the scan barcode menu.

2. Enter barcode: – You can enter the letterbox barcode manually (using the mobile keypad). In this, it is not required to you have a barcode scanner application.

Please select any of the above two methods. The purpose of both is entering the letterbox barcode. Please enter the letterbox barcode and then click on the next button shown below side.

Scan or Enter Barcode
Enter Barcode through the mobile keypad
Start scan through mobile barcode

Then you can see the get location button. Please click on it. So you can see the location

Click on get location

Then You can see the menu/option to enter the employee ID number of the employee. Please enter the employee ID number who goes for letterbox clearing. Then you can see the menu/option to enter the number of letters. In this, you have to enter the number of letters taken from the letterbox. Then click on the Next button.

Enter Employee ID and number of letters

Then you can see the summary of the detail you have entered.

Summary of all detail

If it is ok. Then click on the upload button shown below side. So, you can see the right sign (√) in the green round and success remark.

Successfully done

That’s ok. You have already done. Your data has been uploaded.

Here is the procedure of the Nanyatha is completed. Now your letterbox clearance detail can be seen on Nanyatha MIS (

Conclusion ❤️️

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  1. all this exercise has been done but there is some error found that
    when i update the location in Nanyatha GPS app it does not show the sucess remarks but it shows location has been updated.
    After than i open the Nanyatha app enter the barcode, get location i has shown the GPS location, enter the employee ID and no. of letter and submit but instead of success it shows kindly update the GPS coordinates.
    second time i go to GPS and try to update by entering the same barcode no it shows number already exists.
    what is the problem i can’t understand kindly suggest me to resolve this problem.

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